Left-wing comedian Bill Maher ripped Democrats on his HBO show Friday night for their remarkable ignorance on COVID-19 risks and pointless shutdowns.

Maher criticized the media for producing “panic porn” that has badly skewed the perception of COVID danger among Democrats and led to pointless shutdowns across the country.

“Sunshine is the best disinfectant and Vitamin D is the key to a robust immune system,” Maher said.

“Texas lifted its COVID restrictions recently and their infection rates went down in part because of people getting outside to let the sun and wind do their thing. But to many liberals, ‘That can’t be right because Texas and beach-loving Florida have Republican governors,’ but life is complicated!”

Gov. Polis only recently decided to relax some of Colorado’s statewide restrictions on individuals and businesses, in contrast to Texas where infection rates have continued to fall since Gov. Abbott ended his state’s mask mandate.

Full monologue: