Leftist protestors marching on Saturday to defund police made a quick detour from Cheesman Park to the governor’s mansion where they chanted “F^ck Jared Polis!” and vandalized the property with spray paint.

Police stood by and watched from a block away.

It wasn’t a big security risk, seeing as how Gov. Polis doesn’t even live in the governor’s mansion, he lives in Boulder.

But it’s taxpayers once again who will be stuck with the bill to clean up all the vandalism.

According to Denverite’s reporting, the weekend protests of the Minnesota shooting of Daunte Wright are nothing compared to the protests Coloradans can expect to see if Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin is found not guilty in the death of George Floyd.

Closing arguments in the trial are proceeding Monday.

One Denver protestor predicted chaos.

“It will be LA ’92 all over again, except all over the country.”

Denverite cited questionable statistics from Colorado Public Radio on the number of police shootings in Colorado this year, which also included the death of the Boulder officer at the King Soopers incident as a police shooting.

There have been at least 17 shootings by police officers in Colorado so far in 2021, and almost 1,000 people shot by police in the United States in the last 12 months. Nationwide, people killed by police are disproportionately Black and Hispanic.

We combed through the list of Colorado shootings, and found 2 were actually cops shot, and two incidents were guns fired, no one injured.

 Of the eight victims identified in media reports, all were white. There were five shooting fatalities in which the media never even reported the name of the victim.

We called on Colorado Public Radio to clarify their numbers on police shootings to reflect a police officer was killed in the Boulder tragedy, police did not shoot the suspect. They obviously have not.