Did Gov. Polis pull a fast one and slip yet another Democrat onto the Public Employees Retirement Association’s board of trustees?

The governor is only allowed two Democrat appointments, which he’s already made.

This week, Polis named Taylor McLemore as an unaffiliated member to the board.

The only problem is, McLemore has been a Democrat for more than a decade, and mysteriously changed his party affiliation to unaffiliated just weeks before Polis’s appointment.

So reports The Colorado Sun’s subscription-only newsletter, The Unaffiliated.

The Senate Republican Caucus is not amused, because state law prohibits the governor from appointing more than two people from the same party to the board, the exclusive report said.

Republicans say this isn’t the first time Polis skirted the law, and point to his appointment of Democrat-leaning members to the state oil and gas commission.

McLemore told The Sun he is now unaffiliated and plans to stay that way through his term.

Not surprising, A spokesflack for Polis denied any wrongdoing.

McLemore changed his party affiliation from Democrat in December, he was appointed to the post in January.

It may not technically be wrong, but McLemore’s actions and Polis’s appointment absolutely violate the intent of the law to limit partisan members.