It’s official, Colorado will gain an additional congressional district meaning voters will elect eight U.S. representatives in 2022, the Census Bureau announced Monday.

That’s the good news.

Where exactly the new district will be located has yet to be determined.

The state’s so-called Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission will decide how this and other districts will be redrawn, with a decision expected by December. 

The commission got off to a rocky start with the removal of Chairman Danny Moore earlier this month over social media comments he made calling COVID-19 the “China virus” and for his beliefs there was widespread election fraud last year.

Danny Moore

Fellow commissioners voted unanimously to remove Moore, a Republican appointed from the 6th Congressional District, after he refused to resign voluntarily. They cited concerns about his ability to lead the panel impartially and maintain public confidence in the commission.

Moore was replaced by Carly Hare, whose social media pages are filled with leftist ideology virtue signaling.

Carley Hare

To lean more about how this independent commission was created, click here.

Colorado’s rural counties are among the first organized coalitions beginning to make their mapping interests known, as the state heads into the once-in-a-decade redistricting process.


As the process goes on, other interest groups will submit mapping ideas and suggestions for the  new district. The commission will have to weigh the ideas against the required criteria: compactness, contiguousness, population equality, preserving existing political boundaries, respecting communities of interest and competitiveness, as well as complying with the federal Voting Rights Act.

The announcement by the Census Bureau included loses and gains for other states that comes out as a win for red states.

Population shifts mean five states that voted for Joe Biden will lose seats in the House when congressional districts are redrawn later this year, new Census numbers released Monday show, but will gain seats in two other states. Only two Trump-voting states will lose a seat.

States gaining an additional seat include Florida, North Carolina, Montana and Oregon.

Texas gets two additional congressional districts.

California is among the states that lost population numbers and will lose a congressional seat, along with New York, Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Imagine that. Americans in the last decade fled from Democrat-controlled states.

Unfortunately for Colorado, most of the Californians landed here.