State Senate Democrats put to a stop to all that accountability and transparency Republicans are demanding by killing their measure requiring public debate and justification before the governor can continually declare a state of emergency.

Gov. Polis has had complete autonomous rule over Colorado for more than a year now, distributing hundreds of millions in federal aid without legislative input, oversight, or approval.

The Democrat-controlled legislature has decided they like living under a dictatorship and defeated the measure in the Senate’s State, Veterans & Military Affairs committee.

Sponsored by Republican state Sen. Paul Lundeen of Colorado Springs, it required the General Assembly to approve extensions of the governor’s disaster emergency powers every 30 days.

Numerous states are reigning in their governor’s powers that stretched beyond all reasonableness during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Even though Gov. Polis has already foretold the end of the crisis in time for the MLB All-Stars game to host a full baseball park in Denver in the coming weeks, His Nibs insists on operating Colorado in an emergency state with unchecked powers and spending.