U.S. Rep. Jason Crow doesn’t want the private sector to operate facilities holding immigrants violating immigration laws, seeking asylum, or illegals held for crimes while awaiting deportation.

Nor does he really want the government doing it, either.

The Colorado Democrat has unleashed legislation offering a bold new plan for detaining immigrants, which is simply to just turn them loose.

Crow and other Democrats are sponsoring the Dignity for Detained Immigrants Act, which requires the government to prove the illegal immigrant proves a risk to the community before they can detain them.

It’s like telling the police you can’t arrest someone and hold them in jail unless you first prove they are a danger to the community.

For illegal border crossers who come with no identification, that would be impossible to prove. 

That’s where the dignity part comes into play. It’s more dignified if we just open our borders, the bill presumes.

The Act will also have a real impact on individual lives by ending detention for certain vulnerable populations, ending mandatory detention provisions in our immigration laws, and establishing a presumption of release for everyone.

Crow’s dog-and-pony show at the immigration detention facility in the 6th Congressional District a few years ago never uncovered any of the third-world conditions he would have folks believe.

It’s not unusual for a Democrat to demand the taxpayers pay for, and government take over businesses and shut down private enterprise.

What we find amusing in this case is that Crow’s proposal comes as congressional Republicans are looking into a recent $529 million no-bid contract awarded to a company after they hired a member of the Biden transition team as its senior director of federal affairs.

“President Biden’s open borders policies created the crisis at our southern border, and now his administration appears to be exploiting it by funneling a massive no-bid contract to a nonprofit linked to their transition team,” said Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, the top Republican on the (House Oversight and Reform) committee. “President Biden and Vice President Harris haven’t spent a second at the border, but they are spending hundreds of millions in taxpayer dollars to reward political allies.”

If Crow just didn’t want Biden’s crony capitalist supporters to profit off the border crisis, he should have just said so instead of trying to completely erase the entire detention system of those who come here illegally, or break other U.S. laws.