Jill Biden is so dedicated to military spouses in her new role as First Lady that she plans to actually spend Military Spouse Appreciation Day May 7 with military spouses at Fort Carson.

No, wait. Biden can’t make it Friday. 

Military spouses in Colorado Springs will need to adjust their schedule and celebrate their special day early with Biden on Thursday.

Such is the life of a military spouse, always having to make sacrifices.

Biden’s Colorado stop is part of a so-called Western tour to only three states, where she will meet with SEIU union members in Nevada, teacher union members in Utah, and military spouses in Colorado on their special day.

The media will have to do more digging to determine whether Dr. Biden, who is not a physician but a community college English teacher and a member of the teachers’ union, will be meeting with union members and donors while here.

We welcome Biden to Colorado and hope she learns something from her visit to Fort Carson and her time with military wives, who could surely school her against wearing high heels to dig holes for tree-planting photo ops.