At first glance, U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper is just being his usual goofball self in this video he tweeted of a visit to the Little Saigon Supermarket. 

The man has no self-awareness, whatsoever. 

Yanking off his mask inside a small grocery store to take a video of himself tasting a piece of jackfruit from an otherwise empty Styrofoam container that was banned by the House last week and … wait, is that U.S. Sen. Mike Bennet hiding behind Hickenlooper in line NOT wearing a mask?!

We’ve watched this video dozens of times, convinced that was Bennet.

Then we saw Bennet later posted this on Twitter acknowledging he was at the Far East Center in Denver with Hickenlooper.

That is Bennet! Reading glasses on, mask off! And Hickenlooper, mask off, Styrofoam in plain sight.

We’re not sure which is the greater sin.

That soon-to-be-illegal Styrofoam container, or going maskless inside a small grocery store for a stupid photo op.

Someone alert the Democrat Party.