It looks like every single establishment Democrat that’s ever served in Colorado is lining up to endorse establishment Democrat U.S. Senator Michael Bennet for reelection.

We’re not surprised every Democrat dead and alive over 40 is supporting their incumbent, we just didn’t expect Bennet to brag about it so openly.

Sure it worked for Joe Biden, but that’s because establishment Democrats expected the 50-year career politician to behave like an establishment president, not to go off half-cocked and start a socialist shit storm in the first four months.

The moderate wing of the party might not be as trusting in 2022, especially if they have the choice of a viable Republican candidate … stop laughing, we’re being serious … who can counter this never-ending far left swing with some common sense policies.

Click here to see Bennet’s list of desperate backers who are out of the gate a year early with their endorsement.

It reeks of desperation.