A Republican-backed measure to prohibit Colorado bosses from mandating COVID-19 vaccine shots as a condition of employment will get its first test Wednesday during a committee hearing in the Democrat-controlled statehouse. 

What are its chances of passing?

Democrats are already complaining that it’s a false narrative that could make people hostile towards the vaccine.

That’s the difference between Democrats and Republicans. 

Democrats want their bosses to control their health choices, Republicans are pretty much hostile towards anyone telling them how to live their lives.

Employers are not physicians and should not be in control of our health.

The same goes for government.

The decision to vaccinate should be made with a doctor based on the patients risks and health.

We expect Hell would freeze over before Colorado’s Democrat-controlled state legislature would let this Republican bill pass.

Gov. Polis has already expressed his approval of universities requiring their students to get vaccinated before attending fall classes.

“Vaccines are the gateway to ending this pandemic,” Polis said in the statement.

But will teachers have to get vaccinated? 

We doubt it.

The teacher unions stepped on the sick and elderly to push teachers to the front of the vaccine line, and still many are refusing to return to the classroom nationwide. 

Can you imagine if schools threatened to fire teachers if they didn’t get a vaccine? A bill prohibiting that would fly through the Democratic legislature with the blessings of liberals everywhere.