Colorado Democrats killed a Republican effort late Monday to prevent vaccine mandates from being forced by employers on their workforce.

The bill sponsored by Republican state Reps. Kim Ransom of Littleton and Tonya Van Beber of Eaton was defeated on a party line vote of 8 to 5 in the House Health and Insurance Committee after it was amended to exclude health care workers.

The bill was postponed indefinitely, which means it’s dead and there is nothing standing in the way of any employer from requiring their workers to get vaccinated in order to keep their job.

Except perhaps a lawsuit, because it stinks of civil rights violations.

Van Beber summed up the intent of the bill:

“Our rights and access are granted by the constitution; they are not granted to us by receiving a medical procedure,” she said. “Anything less really doesn’t honor equity, inclusivity and diversity.”

Not to mention such requirements would discriminate against women who already are, or are planning to get pregnant, as the vaccine has not been tested on pregnant women.

Opponents of the bill who testified for hours included many in the medical profession who fear the goal of the bill is to just scare people away from getting the vaccine.

Which is really weird, because it’s actually the Biden administration and Democrats who are leading the charge on mixed messaging and confusing folks. 

Maybe more people would get the vaccine if they weren’t told they still had to wear a mask when kissing their spouse, outdoors.