Colorado’s media elite were shocked to learn Republicans have become so distrustful of biased reporters, elected officials use a cheat sheet to keep up with which ones are even worth the effort to talk with about state legislative issues.

The GOP’s media contact list was obtained by The Colorado Sun’s subscription newsletter, The Unaffiliated, which dutifully reported that each outlet listed was also noted as either “friendly” or “unfriendly.”

We were surprised to learn there are still some media outlets with which Republicans can still have a civil conversation.

Media noted as friendly included: The Gazette, CBS 4, Colorado Politics, Denver Business Journal, Grand Junction Sentinel, Denver 7, KDVR Fox 31.

The Sun, which was on the naughty list, immediately called the Democrats to see if liberals kept such a list.

Ha! Of course they don’t.

Democrats don’t need a cheat sheet to know which media outlets will give them a fair shake, because the media is always on their side.


House Minority Leader Hugh McKean told The Unaffiliated the contact list helped their members “navigate the Capitol media landscape.”

McKean said the list was “absolutely not” meant to be a “blacklist” of outlets. Nor is it to encourage lawmakers to avoid talking to certain reporters.

Sensitive much?

Look at the spin Kyle Clark from one of the “unfriendly” media outlets put on the list.  He’s honored to be thought so untrustworthy.


Thank, Kyle, for proving the point of the list.