It seems the Polis administration has decided they now have the power to tell Coloradans how then can commute to work beginning next year because it’s all in the name of climate change, according to the Colorado Sun. 

Businesses in high-ozone areas with more than 100 workers will have to limit by 25% how many employees are permitted to drive by themselves to work, and the state is demanding they take away free parking for the rest. 

Employees can either work from home, take public transportation or the company can provide shuttles. Oh, and someone is going to have to lose their job so a new transportation coordinator can be hired.

By 2024, only 60% of workers will be allowed to drive to work. Unless they can afford an electric car, then they’re exempted.

The Colorado Sun reports there are “about 877,000 employees at about 2,800 employers of over 100 people in the 10-county area that has ozone problems.”

So how is this happening?

The Air Quality Control Commission, which is appointed by the governor, has been asked by Colorado’s Air Pollution Control Division, which is the Polis administration, to hold hearings and vote on the new transportation rules later this summer.

Environmental groups want to know how the Polis regime will force businesses to comply.

But overall, they look forward to Coloradans being deprived of their liberty without due process of law.