The Polis administration is plotting to bribe Coloradans to take The Shot by offering long odds in winning $1 million through a lottery drawing among those who’ve been vaccinated. 

The details of The Lottery, not to be confused with the work of dystopian fiction even though the vibe is just as creepy, have yet to be finalized.

A spokesperson for Gov. Jared Polis did not deny details of the $1 million lottery and told FOX31, “Colorado is currently considering a variety of options to encourage more people to get vaccinated.”


People who are currently getting vaccinated and those who have already received their shots will be eligible.

But how will the state know who has and has not received the vaccine? 

Through the state’s vaccine registry.

That’s right, all your vaccine records are filed with the state through the Colorado Immunization Information System (CIIS) that has tracked all our vaccinations since 2007.

It’s unclear if the state has everyone’s full or partial COVID-19 information.

Pushy emails and texts from the Polis administration indicate they know when folks are getting their first shot, and they’re begging Coloradans to send them a copy of their final vaccine record. 

One email send to a Peak reader informs: “Your participation is voluntary.”

So the state somehow knows who among us are probably getting vaccines, they just need us to confirm that by sharing our vaccine record with them.

Here’s a screen shot of an email sent to one person who had to reschedule their second shot.

A week after their second shot, the reader received this text:

So that might be the cost of entry into the $1 million lottery drawing, taking the vaccine and sharing a copy of your vaccine record with The State to comply with vaccination registration. 

So good luck with that, and may the odds be ever in your favor.