Dig a little deeper into the news this week about the ACLU of Colorado demanding coronavirus vaccines for everyone detained in the Aurora ICE facility and you’ll find the devil is definitely in the details.

Here’s what Denise Maes, ACLU’s public policy director, said in a statement to Colorado media:

“The answer is to depopulate the facility and vaccinate those persons housed there. And do it now.”

Funny how that part gets left out of headlines. 

Vaccines are in such plentiful supply, many governors are offering up million dollar lottery prizes to get folks in the door.

Colorado should be offering vaccinations now to the facility’s 563 detainees, it’s the humane thing to do.

But vaccinating them and then turning them loose is no more about pandemic measures than telling Americans to take the vaccine and then double-mask, or keep masking outside.

The ACLU’s intentions don’t look so pure when the curtain is pulled back to see their goals are not just humanitarian, but political in their pursuit of open borders.

The ACLU is also demanding vaccinations for ICE facilities in eight other states including Ohio, Louisiana and New Mexico.

Those three states plus Colorado are all offering lottery prizes to everyone who gets a vaccine.

Will ICE detainees, which includes lawbreakers, as well as prison populations be eligible for the lottery drawings? 

Write to your state representatives, state senators, Gov. Polis, and ask them.