Senate Republicans finally put a stop to that Jan. 6 special commission nonsense by refusing to give Democrats the 60 votes needed to duplicate what numerous congressional committees and the Justice Department are already investigating.

If Democrats were so keen on investigating what happened on Jan. 6, they should have thought of that before their failed impeachment trial of Donald Trump.

Now Democrats just want to use that date as a political weapon to paint Republicans as a domestic terrorist threat and campaign on that theme next year.

Democrats and their media propaganda puppet masters are saying Republicans only voted against it because Donald Trump told them to, when in fact Republicans voted against it because they’re not stupid.

Colorado’s Democrat U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper voted in favor of yet another investigation into Q Shaman guy and the violent pushing and shoving and trespassing that happened that day.

Bennet has an election next year and needs proof Republicans are all just a bunch of insurrectionists who refuse to vote Democrat.

Meanwhile, Hickenlooper hasn’t written a banjo song yet to explain his vote, and for that we are grateful.

But Hick did tell Colorado Public Radio before the vote he supported a political commission to “get the facts” so “future generations can see what happened and know what happened.”

Forget future generations, does Hick even know the Biden administration and Democrat committee investigations are already happening?

Bless his heart.