Alex Marrero is off to an awkward start as the choice of Denver Public Schools to be their new superintendent.

The school board announced Marrero as their pick last week just two days before the New Yorker was named in a federal lawsuit.

Then came the bombshell Denver Post report that school board member Tay Anderson is accused of sexually harassing or assaulting 62 DACA kids.

But Marrero rose above it all to wish everyone a happy Memorial Day weekend by thanking his veteran brother.

We suppose it’s too much to ask that Denver’s educator-in-chief knows the basic history of federal holidays like Memorial Day, which is to remember and honor those who died serving their country in the military.

Marrero’s grammar and incomplete sentences will undoubtably make English teachers break out in hives, but he arguably has bigger problems to deal with right now.

Marrero will be voted on Thursday by the full board to be superintendent of a system where school board member Anderson is accused of molesting 62 minors, is already under investigation for a separate sexual assault allegation, is also accused of inappropriate behavior as leader of Never Again Colorado, and the Colorado High School Democrats Anderson once led is demanding his resignation.

Anderson is one of Marrero’s supporters and will be at the meeting to vote for him.