The real victims in cyber terrorist attacks from Russia aren’t just the gas pipeline company targeted last month or the JBS meat processing company headquartered in Greeley hit this week.

The Russians caused a short-term energy crisis along the entire East Coast and then  threatened the world’s largest meat supplier.

President Biden just wants to shrug it off as the responsibility of companies to make sure their systems are protected against ransomware. 

And it certainly is.

But when America’s food and energy supply are crippled within a matter of weeks, this becomes a national threat and Russia must answer for it.

Yet instead of threats, Biden still plans to meet June 16 with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva for a summit.

The last thing Biden should be giving that dictator is a world stage upon which to propagandize and make a show of strength.

Biden should be condemning Putin and Russia, but the best his administration could muster was a weak-kneed, “uhm”-filled mumble from Press Secretary Jen Psaki that they haven’t taken any options off the table.

That should have the Russians trembling, with laughter.

In addition to the Colorado facility, U.S. plants in Iowa, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Nebraska and Texas were also affected.

The majority of facilities are expected to be operational by Wednesday, and there is no evidence that customer or employee data was compromised, the Wall Street Journal reports. 

The company warned earlier that the attack could delay business with meat buyers, cattle feedlots and other suppliers.


“Our systems are coming back online and we are not sparing any resources to fight this threat,” Mr. Nogueira said.

While JBS is busy fighting the cyber terror threat, Biden needs to get serious about defending Americans from Russian thugs instead of throwing tea parties for them.