An online petition calling for Denver Public Schools to remove board member Tay Anderson’s name from recently issued diplomas is collecting signatures faster than we can keep up with the total. 

The initial goal was set at 200 signatures when launched Thursday, but now with 416 signers they are aiming for 500 supporters to make it happen.

The petition is organized by Gigi Gordon, who wrote that when she received her diploma last week it was “signed by an alleged rapist/pedophile.”

The petition is based on the 62 charges made against Anderson last week by a liberal activist testifying before a legislative panel.

The activist claims Anderson sexually harassed or molested that many minors, most of whom were students and did not have U.S. citizenship and were afraid to report the incidents to authorities.

From the petition:

The students of Denver Public Schools will not tolerate an alleged rapist’s name on our diplomas.


Every student at DPS has worked incredibly hard to earn this certificate that we will hold for the rest of our lives. To know that an alleged sexual assault assailant has signed this meaningful document is sickening. Imagine being a sexual assault survivor just to learn that the thing you worked so hard for was signed by a district wide (alleged) rapist.


I know many victims of his predatory behavior. They do not deserve to live with his name forever.


We stand together against child rapists and pedophiles– DPS should stand against them too. Not with them.


Denver Public School District owes each and everyone of us a new diploma without his name on it.


Make this right. Redistribute diplomas without his name.


The media aren’t bothering to follow the bombshell story since it was first broken by the Denver Post.

It’s not even known if any of those alleged victims have come forward or if Anderson is even under investigation by police or the school district.

Students are understandably upset, and Denver Public Schools owes them an answer and a new diploma.

While they’re at it, the names of all the politically elected school board members should be taken off as well.

High school diplomas are not meant to be campaign signs for politicians, but are treasured documents confirming the significant accomplishments of the students who actually earned it.