Pinkerton’s license was yanked Monday by Denver officials in connection with the fatal shooting by an unlicensed contractor who was hired by 9News to act as security for reporters covering a conservative patriot rally.

The guard, Matthew Dolloff, faces second-degree murder charges in the death of Lee Keltner.

From the Denver Post:

Denver requires security guards to obtain an individual license to work in the city and requires companies to obtain an employer license. Dolloff did not have a license or the additional certification required to carry a gun while working security.

It still seems weird that 9News, which prides itself on being an investigative news operation, would hire a security guard and never once bother to ask if he was armed or had the proper license to carry a weapon.

It’s just hard to believe news reporters assigned to situations their bosses thought were so dangerous they had to hire security guards never once bothered to ask their protector how exactly he planned to do his job to keep them from getting hurt.

Don’t all reporters have natural a curiosity? 

One would think so.