The state’s congressional delegation has invited Vice President Kamala Harris for a visit hoping she will persuade President Biden to divert the new space command headquarters from Alabama to Colorado once she sees how awesome they are.

This isn’t the official invitation. 

We’re just astounded by U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper’s command of, uhm, space.

Veep Harris now chairs the National Space Council, so it’s possible she might have some influence in the matter.

Much like the power she has wielded for three months as the country’s diplomatic leader charged with stemming the cascade of migrants across the U.S.-Mexico border.


Harris’s busy schedule photo-bombing all the president’s public events has prevented her from actually going to the border, we suppose.

But now that Biden is in Europe without her, maybe she can pencil in Colorado right after that border trip.

And when will that be?


Looks like someone is pissed they were sent way south of the border and excluded from the president’s European visit.

But we digress.

Colorado Politics has the letter from the delegation to Harris:

“As our nation’s space economy continues to grow, its future depends on dynamic education and research. Colorado is at the heart of this work. The U.S. Air Force Academy has the nation’s top undergraduate aerospace engineering program. The University of Colorado Boulder receives more NASA funding than any other public university. The Colorado School of Mines’ Space Resources Program is the world’s first multi-disciplinary graduate program focused on space resources. Across the state, there are 21 universities and institutions that participate in the Space Grant Consortium, providing students from all backgrounds an opportunity to partake in space research. With each investment Colorado makes in space education, our state contributes to a highly-trained workforce with the specialization necessary to ensure the nation’s primacy in space.”

If they truly wanted her to come, they should have told her about Colorado’s lame media and how no noisy reporters here would bother asking her about the disastrous trip she just concluded or why she’s refusing to actually go to the border.

The letter was signed by every member on both sides of the aisle except U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert.