If you are an aspiring First Amendment attorney passionate about animal rights and want to work remotely, you’ll have to do it outside the state of Colorado.

The animal rights extremists over at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are officially blacklisting Colorado remote candidates for a litigation counsel position due to “equal pay” regulations that were enacted by Gov. Jared Polis.


As we reported previously, scores of companies and organizations like PETA are refusing to hire remote workers in Colorado because of new rules requiring companies to post salary information on job postings.

Democrats maintain the new regulations are necessary to provide women and minorities salary figures to narrow pay gaps in the workplace.

However, the practical effect of Polis’s regulations has been to effectively gut remote job positions in Colorado.

Posting salary information for certain positions poses significant legal compliance risks for firms, drastically limits a company’s ability to negotiate salary with new hires, and can put companies at a competitive disadvantage.

In lieu of posting salary ranges, companies like Twitter, Johnson & Johnson, Accenture, Digital Ocean, Nike, DocuSign, and scores of others are simply excluding Colorado candidates so they don’t have to comply with Polis’s regulations.

There is a special irony to PETA blacklisting the state, considering the governor’s fiancé, Marlon Reis, has built his platform as First Gentleman on his longstanding support for animal rights.

With Reis’s support, controversial PETA supporter Ellen Kessler was nominated to the Colorado veterinary board last year.

No action has been taken on Kessler’s nomination thus far.

However, Kessler did make waves a few months ago after she called the Independence Institute’s Jon Caldara a “piece of shit” for questioning the First Gentleman’s support for a bill that would have capped the number of pet stores in Colorado.

“Jon Caldera (sic) … is a piece of sht. How dare he be an armchair quarterback to the First Gentleman, Rep Duran and Rep Soper when he can’t tell the difference between his ass and a hole in the ground? They’ve done more for underprivileged (sic) than you’ve done in a lifetime. Yeah, pet stores need to stop selling puppies and kittens. And you need to shut your ignorant yap.”

No word on whether Kessler also considers Polis a “piece of shit” considering the governor’s regulations are literally preventing animal rights activists from working for PETA in Colorado.

As it stands, at least 83 companies with 123 job openings are excluding Colorado candidates from consideration for remote positions.

The figures are updated daily at ColoradoExcluded.com.