A few dozen of Denver’s homeless population moved into some expensive new digs this week, which is only fitting considering their address is Park Hill and their neighbors include none other than U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper.

The $900,000 contract from the City of Denver that extends for six months includes overnight accommodations for 40 people in one of these luxurious tents for just $22,500 per person!

The monthly rent for these heated tents works out to $3,750, but it includes dental care, COVID-19 testing, community service opportunities and services for permanent housing, Colorado Politics reports.

Still, not exactly a bargain for tents that retail at Target for less than $200.

Denver rent is expensive, but $3,750 a month for a tent still seems a little steep.

The school district better be awesome for prices like that, because the view sucks.

For comparison, we checked in with San Fransisco to see how much they’re willing to spend on street tent rent, and boy do they roll out the red carpet!

The annual budget for the California city’s 300 tents is $16.1 million, which is $61,000 per tent per year, and includes meals, bathroom facilities, and security.


And here we thought Denver was being wasteful.