Secretary of State Jena Griswold wants to take control of the Bipartisan Election Action Committee by giving herself sole power to call a meeting and eliminating the group’s rule to meet at least three times a year. 

Here’s the new rule she’s proposed:

The Colorado Republican Party has rightfully taken issue with the rule change that gives Griswold sole power to convene the commission.

“At a time when we need to be building up transparency and trust in our elections, Jena Griswold is changing rules to limit bipartisan input,” said GOP Chairwoman Kristi Burton Brown.


“All Coloradans, regardless of their political party, need to have faith in our electoral system. By limiting bipartisan feedback on our elections, Jena Griswold has undermined that trust and contributed to increasing partisanship in Colorado,” Brown said.

The commission of bipartisan leaders was created in 2016 to jointly recommend best practices to the state’s highest election officer and propose legislation to secure election integrity.

Griswold is making it clear she thinks the state’s elections are already the gold standard of the planet and can’t possibly be improved upon by mere mortals, or Republicans. 

She doesn’t need any sitnken’ bipartisan committee telling her what to do.