Colorado is open for business, we just need our workforce back.

That’s the message from business leaders across Northern Colorado who are pleading with Gov. Polis to end the pandemic paycheck bonuses meant to aid the unemployed during the shutdowns.

“We realize removing benefits will be controversial to some, but the dignity of work is important as well,” the business leaders said in a letter to Polis on Monday.

“It’s common practice now for restaurants to close early or close for an entire day every week. One restaurant can’t open for lunch service due to the lack of staff.

“Landscaping and contractors are months out due in part to the lack of workforce. Some are turning down seasonal work.

“You’d be hard pressed to drive down any street and find very many businesses that are not hiring,” the letter said.

One economic expert cited by Colorado Politics, whom we are to assume is correct because she won a Nobel Memorial Prize, says the labor shortage is actually caused by people who don’t want to work in the workplace, feel their gender choice is not being respected, and don’t have access to the vaccines government is pushing down our throats.

The $300 a week bonuses are supposed to end Labor Day, but already the mainstream media is publishing opinions prompting Congressional Democrats to extend socialism the payments because of the Delta variant.

It’s bad enough U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet has returned us to the welfare state that was reformed by Republicans and President Clinton in the 1990s, now Democrats are clamoring for welfare bonuses. 

Handing out bonuses for not working this past year has so far cost taxpayers, who are working, $660 billion dollars.

America can’t afford not to work. Polis need to pull the plug on summer vacation paychecks.