Stop us if this sounds like a bribery scheme you’ve heard Democratic special interests openly admit to before.

Colorado unions announced they are going to withhold political donations to Democrat state lawmakers until just weeks before the 2022 election because the party isn’t letting labor bosses exclusively dictate their agenda and set policy.

In other words, no money from major donors because they’re not getting something for something, also known as quid pro quo.

Or maybe we’re reading this wrong in The Sun News: 

The Colorado branch of the AFL-CIO, the nation’s largest federation of unions, will not donate to Democratic legislative campaign committees until at least May 2022 in protest of what the organization sees as the party’s exclusion of labor interests from state policy discussions.


“We have … been excluded from caucus discussions about policy creation in favor of bringing business and opposition groups to the table, disregarded as allies and relegated to afterthoughts,” Dennis Dougherty, the Colorado AFL-CIO’s executive director, wrote in a letter to labor leaders that was obtained by The Colorado Sun. 


On second reading, perhaps the union is just giving Democrats fair warning that donations won’t be coming in time for ad buys and other campaign necessities unless they change their ways.

But doesn’t that sound like blackmail?

We’re just so shocked at seeing it all emblazoned in a news headline.

What next? Is someone going to wake up next to a horse head?

Pueblo Democrat and state Senate President Leroy Garcia says he’s taking the threat very seriously. 

But which part got his attention? Democrats won’t listen, or Democrats won’t get any money because they won’t listen?

One need only check the contribution date when the money does start rolling in again to get the answer.

If the unions do cut off Democrats until mid May, the lawmakers will have to spend it fast before mail-in voting starts for the June 28 election.