Admittedly we’ve paid little (none at all) attention to the Aurora City Council race so we didn’t notice when candidate Martha Lugo dropped out of the contest and the Democrat Party altogether.

The Colorado Republican Party mentioned it on social media this weekend, and it’s worth examining Lugo’s true feelings she revealed about her former fellow Democrats and the reason she’s walked away.

She cites a health issue in suspending her campaign, but goes on to totally trash Democrats as she closes the door on her political party and declares that any future political office she seeks will be as a third party candidate. 

Here’s Lugo’s statement in full:

On the advice of my medical/wellness practitioners, I am suspending my campaign for Aurora City Council – Ward III.  I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration in one of my eyes in November – and if I don’t continue to get more aggressive with my wellness plan/stress management, I could lose the vision in that eye.  


I want to thank my tireless supporters for everything. You have been the wings beneath my wings since 2016.  I could not have come this far without you. We have shown the naysayers that unapologetic grassroots candidates are what the people crave.


I will be leaving the Democratic party, as well.  I can no longer be a part of a biased, racist, toxic, and corporatist oppressive entity that uplifts the ills of our society.  This in and of itself is and has been a huge stressor in my life – from the county party on up to the national level. I cannot condone the sabotage of many of us who are grassroots candidates and people of color who do not fall in line with the status quo of the Democratic party. 


I remain an unapologetic voice for my community and I will be highly engaged in holding elected officials accountable at all levels. I hope to see many of you in all things social justice and human rights! If I ever run again, I will be joining a third party.

Lugo’s statement certainly begs the question: If not for her health reasons, would she have stayed in the race but not as a Democrat? 

Highly doubtful.