U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet isn’t exactly known as a guy with much of a blue collar background. The son of a diplomat was raised inside the Beltway and fast-tracked for a career in Democrat establishment politics before he even graduated from St. Albans.

Periodically this part of Bennet’s inescapably elite background shines through, like on Saturday when President Biden magically “tracked him down” in Colorado’s North Fork Valley.

And by “tracked him down,” we mean the White House called Bennet’s cell phone while he posed against a decorative tractor at Big B’s Orchard in Hotchkiss.

Bennet’s staged photo-op came just after a roundtable with a delegation of Colorado Democrats and Interior Secretary Deb Halaand.

It is unclear whether Bennet had been sipping on some hard-cider, but it was painfully obvious Bennet’s finely pressed shirt and jeans definitely didn’t come from Murdoch’s.

Twitter had an absolute field day… here are just a few of the highlights.

Reminding rural Colorado Bennet hasn’t ever seen a real day of manual labor in his life isn’t exactly what he needed right now, especially considering our senior senator just pledged to back an ecoterrorist to lead the Bureau of Land Management over the objections ranchers across America.

PeakNation™ will also recall Roll Call ran a feature about a particular Carhartt jacket favored by politicians like Bennet several years back that they used to “pretend to be normal people.” The $125 jacket in question was featured prominently in Bennet’s first run for Senate in 2010.

As for Bennet’s expanded Child Tax Credit, it’s looking more and more like it could backfire politically as it was passed in the $1.9 trillion stimulus that has sent inflation soaring.

Price increases for groceries and gas, in other words, could very well undo whatever benefit Bennet attempted to provide families with their expanded welfare.

Compounding this problem for Bennet, Democrats are increasingly arguing inflation is nothing to worry about.

83% of Americans disagreed in a recent Fox News poll with majorities calling inflation’s effect on gas and grocery prices a “hardship.”

The media is already trying to write off Colorado’s Senate race for the Democrats, however something tells us voters concerned about their pocketbooks won’t exactly empathize with a D.C. elitist staging photo-ops.