Hundreds of concerned parents and activists gathered outside the Jefferson County Public Health Building Wednesday to protest against the school district’s mask mandate for elementary school children.

The usual liberal keyboard warriors reacted with predictable outrage on Twitter, but one Democrat took things to an entirely different level.

Littleton state House Rep. David Ortiz actually called the concerned parents “terrorists.”

To be clear, if you are concerned about the impact prolonged masks could have on elementary students’ development and learning, well now that officially makes you a “terrorist” in the eyes of Democrats like Ortiz.

Ortiz’s rhetoric is sick and has absolutely no place in this debate.

Jefferson County framed their mask mandate for kids as a tool to protect elementary students from COVID, despite available scientific evidence showing it poses little risk to kids.

The parents Ortiz called “terrorists” are merely asking for the same discretion afforded to parents in neighboring districts.

“We have multiple other districts surrounding us that are giving parents the option, who are honoring parents. And even use that language,” one parent at the rally told CBS Denver.

Interestingly, proposed legislative maps from the Independent Redistricting Commission have Ortiz drawn together with Democrat state Rep. Meg Froelich.

While Ortiz’s disgusting hyperbole is surely music to the ears of voters in his potential primary, we suspect voters in Littleton and Greenwood Village will have different ideas in 2022.