The state of the economy with soaring inflation and skyrocketing gas prices is finally making the left nervous.

President Biden called on the OPEC+ cartel on Wednesday to increase oil output as the price of gas continues to skyrocket around the country.

Gas prices are in the midst of their biggest surge in Colorado since 2014, with some mountain communities now seeing regular unleaded gas approach $5 per gallon.

Notably absent from the White House announcement was any mention of American energy producers who remain mired in uncertainty amid a bevy of efforts by the Biden administration to stymie domestic energy production.

“It’s pretty simple: if the president is suddenly worried about rising gas prices, he needs to stop killing our own energy production here on American soil,” Texas Sen. John Cornyn told Reuters.

A federal judge recently struck down the administration’s moratorium on new federal energy lease sales, but no new lease sales have been approved.

The cloud of uncertainty is creating a hardship for various Western Colorado regions, where energy production contributed over $130 million in tax revenue for their communities in 2019.

Conservatives here are mounting an effort to reverse these troubling trends.

Colorado Republicans announced their 2022 Commitment to Colorado at a gas station this week where they pledged to combat rising prices across the economy.

One aspect of this agenda to combat rising gas prices will surely be to resume responsible federal energy lease sales.

Democrats on the other hand will have to explain to voters why they support energy production in Western Siberia, but not Western Colorado.