Senate Democrats including Colorado’s Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper took a political beating by Republicans this week who unleashed amendment after controversial amendment as President Biden’s minions pushed a $3.5 trillion budget over the finish line.

It was payback time and karma came a calling for the Democratic duo, who were forced to cast unpopular votes on amendments that tackled such hot button issues as critical race theory, fracking, immigration, and outrageously high tax hikes.

Fox News explains the procedure Democrats used to bypass a filibuster to pass the pork-filled social spending package, and how it came back to bite them on the @ss.

The vote-a-rama – in which senators can bring nonbinding amendments up for votes until they get tired of doing so – is a necessary procedural step in budget reconciliation. Democrats are using that process to sidestep the legislative filibuster in the Senate, therefore allowing them to pass a wish list of programs without input from Republicans.

So while Republicans don’t have the numbers to stop the inflation-inducing, reckless tax and spending spree, they got Democrats on-the-record voting for and against issues that will come back to haunt their reelection.

Hick and Bennet voted with the far left Democrats to grant illegal immigrants with criminal records citizenship or permanent resident status in the U.S.

Should federal taxpayer dollars be spent to teach critical race theory in pre-kindergarten programs, elementary and secondary schools? Bennet and Hick are now on the record as supporting it.

Democrats finally woke up and started casting votes that most Americans would agree with, but will get them in trouble with their far-left Democrat base.

It was a miracle, but all of the Democrats agreed on one vote that defunding police was a bad idea. Some bragged they called the GOP’s bluff. We imagine most others were on the phone to apologize to Black Lives Matter, including Bennet and Hickenlooper.

An amendment vote that will be particularly tricky for Bennet to explain in his reelection contest next year sought to ban fracking.

Both Bennet and Hickenlooper voted to prohibit the EPA from passing rules or regulations that would ban fracking.

Funny, Hickenlooper and Bennet didn’t mention all those contentious votes.

What should seriously piss off Coloradans is that both Democrats and their entire left-wing party passed a nearly $5 trillion budget resolution bill on Wednesday that represents the largest tax hike in history and historic levels of pork spending.

Families and job creators now face $1.75 trillion (with a T) in tax increases.

When given a chance to vote on an amendment to kill the crippling tax hikes on Americans struggling to recover from the shutdowns, Bennet and Hickenlooper sided with the tax hikes.

Remember that when Bennet is up for reelection next year.