This is what happens when a socialist like Bernie Sanders is put in charge of the Senate Budget Committee.

We get a jaw-dropping, $3.5 trillion Pandora’s box of new entitlement programs plus outrageous policies all in one package for the new fiscal year budget.

But wait, there’s a glimmer of good news.

Republican Party insiders say the Democrats have finally gone too far, and this bill alone will cost them Senate seats, Colorado’s Micheal Bennet among them, in the upcoming election.

The poison pill for Bennet — Sanders included a controversial amnesty provision granting legal status to more than 10 million illegal immigrants. 

Dana Perino called out Bennet during “The Five” on Fox News Wednesday, and said amnesty gives Republicans a turnover opportunity in Colorado.

We mined all of Bennet’s public statements on the socialist budget plan to see what position he’s taking on the measure.

We read it three times, and it appears Bennet is so flustered, he’s resorted to authentic frontier gibberish.