The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs just weeks ago testified before Congress on President Biden’s plan to withdraw American troops and civilians, and assured U.S. Rep. Doug Lamborn that a total takeover by the Taliban was unlikely.

And yet Kabul fell in just a matter of days.

The Taliban took over Bagram Air Base on Sunday where they released thousands of the war’s most hardened fighters, who now command millions of dollars worth of U.S. military hardware to threaten Afghan citizens and U.S. security interest.

In a statement to Colorado Politics, Lamborn warned the military equipment now in the Taliban’s hands includes armored vehicles, tactical aircraft and weapons from M-4 rifles to howitzers.

“When Saigon fell, the North Vietnamese never posed a threat to the homeland of the United States,” Lamborn said. “However, in this case, we know that Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups will attempt to take advantage of the failed state in Afghanistan.”

Lamborn called Biden’s exit strategy an historic failure of intelligence and planning by the president, as well as the Pentagon and intelligence community.

History will not be kind to the Biden administration or the Democrats who refuse to hold the president accountable to learn what went wrong.