One thing U.S. Sen. Michael Bennett can’t be accused of as he gears up for another reelection bid after 12 years in that office, and that’s leadership.

Bennet spent most of his career blindly following inept leaders, like President Obama and the 2009 troop surge in Afghanistan that failed to achieve its mission.

Bennet also followed along and supported Obama’s failed withdrawal in 2011.

Talk a walk down memory lane to recall how that worked:

The larger force was used to implement a strategy of protecting the population from Taliban attacks and supporting efforts to reintegrate insurgents into Afghan society. The strategy came coupled with a timetable for the withdrawal of the foreign forces from Afghanistan; beginning in 2011, security responsibilities would be gradually handed over to the Afghan military and police. The new approach largely failed to achieve its aims. Insurgent attacks and civilian casualties remained stubbornly high, while many of the Afghan military and police units taking over security duties appeared to be ill-prepared to hold off the Taliban. By the time the U.S. and NATO combat mission formally ended in December 2014, the 13-year Afghanistan War had become the longest war ever fought by the United States.

But when President Trump announced in 2019 troops would be coming home, that, Bennet said, was a bad idea.

Now that President Biden’s helter-skelter withdrawal from Afghanistan has led to the rapid collapse of the Afghan government and sacking of Kabul, Bennet has gone quiet and offered no critique on this historically bad foreign policy blunder, says the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

“It appears Bennet is just like every other Democrat up for re-election – too afraid to take a stand against the leader of his party who’s overseen a disastrous withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan,” the committee said.

“Michael Bennet’s silence is further proof that he is a puppet of President Biden and Democrats, not a leader for Coloradans,” the committee said.

Bennet is playing follow the leader again this week, insinuating that he’s copying U.S. Rep. Ken Buck’s successful efforts to rescue Americans whom Biden stranded in Afghanistan.

Buck set up a hotline by phone and email on Monday for Americans left behind enemy lines to contact his office for help to get out of Afghanistan.

The Republican has tweeted all week about these and his other efforts to rescue Americans.

This whole time, Bennet’s been on break in the High Country, holding a few meetings here and there on climate change and cozying up to the ski industry.


And then today, boom! There was Bennet, finally stepping up to the plate nearly a week later to offer people “connected to Coloradans” for help.


Upon closer examination, it appears Bennet’s not actually helping Americans, but friends of Coloradans who aren’t U.S. citizens.

“We cannot promise anything, but we are doing everything we can to assist our Afghan allies and their families,” the form says.

And by help, Bennet means his office will forward the standard form to multiple bureaucracies for them to provide help.

Worst. Leader. Ever.