Denver’s most obnoxiously biased TV news anchor, Kyle Clark, is in a meltdown this week over Douglas County parents wanting to opt out of school mask mandates while ignoring Democrat opposition in liberal counties.

For those who missed his stream of snide remarks during the Douglas County School District meeting Tuesday, he was back this morning with a reminder. 

Had to witness that?


Funny how Clark doesn’t hesitate to mock concerned parents in a Republican county, but goes silent when it’s the liberals up in Aspen making a fuss.

Like this Pitkin County mom who’s collected 200 signatures for her petition asking the Pitkin County Public Health Board to just recommend masks, not require masks for very young children in school — also known as a petition against mask mandates, or the mask Gestapo.

Clark isn’t making fun of Julia Russo, who has a 3-year-old son in day care, because she lives on the right side of the tracks. Uhm, the left side.

“I’m sure you all know that the WHO’s guidance is for children under six not to wear a mask,” she wrote in an email addressed to Aspen Mayor Torre, Public Health Director Jordana Sabella and Poschman. “Children five years old and younger are [active in] learning language, [for] which seeing faces is foundational. Reading faces is critical for social and emotional learning. This mandate puts the teachers in a very hard position where they have to police their students all day (inside) instead of focusing on keeping a fun and educational environment in the classroom.”

The Aspen Daily News reports the board agreed this week with Russo’s points, but insisted they had to mandate masks for every child or else those who work masks risked being ridiculed by other children.

Science noted, but never being teased is more important for children rather than all that pesky learning how to speak properly, learn the alphabet, or learning to socialize with human beings and deal with being teased, according to Greg Poschman, health board chair.

“We feel sorry for the parents of young children, but I can find more parents of young children who want to see the mask on every kid so the kids aren’t teasing based on who has to wear one and who doesn’t.”

Clark didn’t have time to tweet about this the science of teasing, as he was busy making fun of Douglas County parents and their health concerns. 

And this is all Clark had to say about those Democrats on the Adams County Commission voting 3-2 to opt out of Mask mandates.

Check out Kyle’s Twitter feed if you’re in the mood, it’s full of snarky comments about the public his station purports to inform on the issue of masks in schools. 

Most of Clark’s Twitter followers just piled on the insults with him.

But not everyone thought Kyle and his followers were funny.