Any kind of meaningful relationship between freshman U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper and the state’s Californicated Democrat Party was doomed to fail.

And so it has, according to a report by Joey Bunch of Colorado Politics.

Not because of any disagreements over the disastrous exit from the war in Afghanistan that’s costing American lives, the trust of our allies, and our reputation as a Superpower. 

Those Democrats never much cared for the United States of America to begin with.

It has nothing to do with the pandemic, free health care for the poor, job shutdowns, boosted stay-at-home pay, free rent, or urban camping.

And it’s not because of his votes for outlandish pork spending, trillions in government debt, Hickenlooper’s Gawd awful banjo stunts or beer tweets.

No. They showed up at his office recently to protest for a meeting to further demand union green jobs that uplift people of color.

Aracely Navarro with Cultivando, a group that advocates for air quality in Commerce City, Globeville and Elyria-Swansea rallied the protestors outside Hick’s office:

“We are fighting for their health. We are fighting against the oil (industry). We’re fighting against the century of desecration of our land,” she explained. “… the desecration, the murder and the genocide of our people, not only through their land stealing but the land contamination we are currently facing.


“Colonization you thought had ended is happening today in your backyard, and while a lot of us don’t live in Commerce City, a lot of us do.”

They are also mad about the forest fires caused by bad liberal policies of forest management that politicians instead blame on climate change.

That’s the beauty of demands by environmental groups like these.

They just reinvent the crisis from global freezing, to global warming, to climate change, to (insert cause) in order to stay in the scare business and earn their salaries.

It didn’t seem possible to cheapen the debate on racism any more than leftist Coloradans have managed since Hickenlooper’s taken office. 

But now he will be considered a racist if he doesn’t support these groups’ vision of green, union jobs for equity that just so happen to be tucked in a $3.5 trillion pork spending bill on which Hickenlooper and U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet already voted yes.

So why are they really protesting Hickenlooper?

Because that’s their job.