She’s not an official candidate, yet, to run for governor against Jared Polis, but Heidi Ganahl was the marquee attraction at the Teller County GOP’s Big Tent Event Saturday and had plenty to say about how to win statewide election.

It seems like an impossible task for a Republican these days, but the University of Colorado regent says she’s done it before and hinted she could do it again.

You know, if she does decide to run, wink, wink. 

“So there are about 300,000 voters who showed up in 2020 to vote for Trump that did not vote in 2018 in the governor’s and the other races that year,” she told the crowd. “How about we get those folks out to vote, and perhaps we might be able to win statewide elections again in Colorado, there you go!”


“We fought really hard and we won the race by 100,000 votes in a year where Colorado went heavily to Hillary Clinton and Michael Bennet,” Ganahl said of her election in 2016 for CU regent. “So when people tell you you can’t win in Colorado, or we can’t win in Colorado, I just did a few years ago. It just takes a lot of hard work, really good messaging, and all of us coming together to be that great team that we talk about in football.”

Ganahl said Republicans can pull unaffiliated voters without giving up the party’s bedrock principles, especially if the message is focused on celebrating and protecting our liberties. 

She’s right about that.

The thing about independents, they tend to be independent minded and cherish their freedoms granted by our Constitution, too.

Nanny government has been on steroids under the Polis administration.

And while the millionaire Boy Wonderless is bound to spend his wealth again to keep on power-tripping for another four years, it will take a hard worker like Ganahl to out-maneuver him.