Congratulations Denver! The Biden administration has selected you as the #2 destination for Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban.

Despite assurances from President Biden and his minions the Taliban won’t be all that bad to live with — they plan to send strongly worded letters demanding the terrorists play nice — millions are fleeing the country.

An estimated 80,000 Afghans were evacuated in the last weeks of the war along with about 5,000 Americans.

The State Department is giving refugees this list of options for relocation:

From the State Department:

These locations have been identified by the Resettlement Agencies as locations with reasonable cost of living, housing availability, supportive services, and welcoming communities with volunteers and resources.  

So according to the Biden administration, Denver has plenty of housing available for refugees with no jobs, and a reasonable cost of living for new arrivals with no jobs.

Denver’s homeless and poor will be thrilled to learn about this new development.

By welcoming community, we suspect the Biden administration means political activists and politicians who plan to assimilate the new arrivals to vote Democrat.  

The list looks more like a Democrat voter distribution effort rather than based on the availability of housing or jobs.