Cancel culture jumped the shark in Aspen this week where Candace Owens was refused a COVID-19 test by a local lab owner based on the conservative celebrity’s politics.

It’s all so absurd. Because it’s Aspen.

Suzanna Lee cancelled Owens test on Tuesday and accused her of spreading misinformation and politicizing the wearing of masks, while dissuading people from taking the vaccine.

“My team and myself have worked overtime, to exhaustion, unpaid and underpaid the past year, spending our own capital to ensure that our community remains protected. It would be unfair to them and to the sacrifices we have all made this year to serve you,” Lee said in an email to Owens.

Unpaid and underpaid? That’s a rather bizarre claim for a business owner to make.

And it’s the height of hypocrisy for Lee to accuse Owens of behaving irresponsibly, while she, the owner, is denying a visitor in her city a COVID-19 test that could potentially stop the spread of the virus.

Adding insult to injury, Lee told Owens to get her test at a back alley kiosk, which she assured her would take weeks to complete and would provide unreliable results.

In her response, Owens wrote: “Truly, I’ve never laughed harder. Nothing screams ‘this virus isn’t political’ quite like googling the names of the people who book tests with you and determining on a case by case basis whether or not you will let them comply with your community covid measures.”


Calling the email “literally the biggest heap of virtue-signaling cr-p I have ever seen in my life,” Owens added, “The last time a white person refused a Black person services because, ‘I don’t like your thoughts and ideas,’ we were in the Jim Crow era.”

Colorado Politics reached out to Aspen Laboratories for comment, but Lee has not responded to them.

Lee’s tony liberal Aspen friends are probably very proud of her for refusing a critical medical test to a conservative of Owens’ caliber and applauding her for putting the community in danger standing up for her principles and commitment to stopping the spread of COVID by denying … oh, never mind.

It’s all so absurd.