President Biden insisted David Chipman would be an exemplary director of the ATF, even as he withdrew his nomination Thursday because the dude is so radical even moderate Dems refused to back him.

So what’s the guy’s problem?

Here are some highlights:

Opponents to the nomination had expressed concern over Chipman’s past record on gun control. He spent 25 years at the ATF and, since retiring as a special agent in 2012, has worked as an anti-gun activist for several gun control groups.


During the COVID pandemic, he called on American governors to unilaterally shut down gun shops, arguing that “people who hoarded the guns might decide six months from now — once they see no zombies around, but they’ve run out of tuna and beef jerky — that they need the money to buy food.”


He also likened first-time gun owners to Joe Exotic of Tiger King, saying, “they might think that they’re die-hard, ready to go, but unfortunately they’re more like Tiger King, and they’re putting themselves and their family in danger.”

Chipman was the very opposite of an exemplary choice to lead a government agency that purports to regulate guns without trampling Americans’ Second Amendment rights.

Colorado Republicans agreed, and were thrilled at the news that Biden backed down and pulled the nomination.

This is the second major nominee Biden has had to pull for lack of support.

Neera Tanden’s nomination to lead the Office of Management and Budget went nowhere in March because of her mean tweets about Senate lawmakers.

One can only hope.