Heidi Ganahl officially launched her campaign Tuesday for the Republican gubernatorial nomination to take on Gov. Polis in the 2022 election and the press are already acting like annoying little twits and parading their bias.

Showing their true colors right off the bat was the Associated Press, calling it a “longshot campaign” in the very first paragraph.

Why is Ganahl’s bid a longshot?

Because she’s a woman and would be the first to hold the office of governor if elected?

Because Polis plans to spend tens of millions of his own money just to buy the election, again?

Here’s the AP’s rationale for dissing her as a longshot:

The state has trended increasingly Democrat in recent years, and Democrats currently control the legislature and every state office save Ganahl’s lone regents position.

Ganahl is a Republican who was elected statewide, so no way she can win state office because Democrats hold all the other statewide offices?

Like it’s theirs to keep forever and ever, as if we’re already a socialist state?


Meanwhile, the Denver Post set their tone for the 2022 election cycle in the third graph by mixing a little bio with their bias.

The 55-year-old, who also refused to say whether she accepts the 2020 presidential election results, made little secret of her candidacy, increasing her statewide visibility by writing a column for the Colorado Springs Gazette and hosting a podcast called Heidi’s Colorful Colorado. 

Did you catch it?

That’s today’s woke version of the Catch-22 question reporters used to pose back in olden times — “Are you still beating your wife?”

If you answer no, it’s the equivalent of saying you no longer beat your wife, and you’ve just admitted to having beaten your wife.

Nowadays, the media hates Trump supporters far more than wife beaters and rank them somewhere between Hitler and Derek Chauvin.

Mark our words, every reporter in every race in every state across this nation will ask every Republican candidate this cycle, repeatedly, some version of whether Donald Trump won the 2020 election.

It’s the shameless “gotcha!” card reporters will use to either frame Republicans as a nut case if they answer Trump won, or to blow them up with the conservative base if they say Trump lost.

This is why no one takes the media seriously anymore. 

Our lives and our country’s future are just games to them.