Colorado Democrat leaders didn’t make much of a stink over the BLM’s misguided decision to double the agency’s headquarters with top leaders inside the Beltway and lessor players in the Grand Junction headquarters.

That’s because they were kicking up their boots at a weekend wilderness junket with agency officials on the taxpayers’ dime.

They party included an exclusive rafting trip down the Colorado River and horse back riding, which many bragged about on Twitter.

U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet initially said he was disappointed the national headquarters was going back to D.C. But that disappointment sure faded away fast thanks to the BLM folks hosting a sunny day on the Colorado rapids!

Bennet might be feeling optimistic about climate change, but any hope for Grand Junction support in his reelection bid next year just floated away.

The governor of Utah was there too and thanked their BLM hosts. It doesn’t appear Gov. Polis was with them, which is understandable given he’s still on his honeymoon.


U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette congratulated Grand Junction on being demoted from headquarters to “robust presence” before being whisked away by the BLM for her mini adventure.

The Democrats appear very grateful to the BLM for changing the conversation from proper western land management to saving the planet from the evils of Captain Climate Change.

And why shouldn’t they? A planetary pandemic with no end in sight is a much more reliable scare tactic to keep their liberal base donating money to their campaigns and reelecting them to office.