A Colorado Democrat has finally taken notice that something is amiss at our Southern border.

No, not the hundreds of thousands of illegal migrants flooding the area under President Biden’s wildly succesful open borders policy.

That’s not the problem, says U.S. Rep. Jason Crow.

This is:

The Colorado congressman has apparently never ridden a horse. 

Those “whip-like cords” that have thrown the liberal MSM into raving hissy fits are called reins.


The straps are used to steer a horse, and as the Reuters photo gallery shows, some immigrants tried to grab onto the horse’s reins to take control of the animal. 

Basically, the U.S. Border Patrol officers were trying to steer and herd the illegal migrants away from crossing the border into this country illegally, because it’s their job to stop them.

Anyone trying to grab their horse would most likely get a slap from the reins.

What Crow and the rest of the state’s Democrat delegation have completely failed to notice are the thousands of humans caged under bridges in 100 degree plus heat.

But guarding the border with horses, that’s inhumane.