The Democrats’ $3.5 trillion tax and spending spree supported by U.S. Sens. Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper will stick Coloradans with tax rates that rival those paid in China.

That’s right, Coloradans are officially getting a rougher shake down by the U.S. federal government than the Chinese suffer at the hands of their communists leaders.

China’s corporate tax rate is 25% and its capital gains tax is 20%, while Colorado’s corporate tax rate would be 29.8% and the capital gains tax 36.35% if President Biden and the Democrats’ plan passes Congress.

Choke on that. 

With Democrats holding control over the Senate by one vote, both of Colorado’s senators could stop that reckless tax hike dead in its tracks by bucking their party leadership, for once, and voting Hell no!

But they won’t.

Because neither is capable of standing on his own, and Bennet especially is desperate to keep the party establishment’s support for his reelection campaign next year.  

So desperate, that he wouldn’t hesitate to force Colorado job creators to pay higher taxes than Communist China.

From the National Republican Senatorial Committee: 

“These tax hikes mean fewer jobs created in Colorado and across the U.S., shrinking paychecks, and even higher costs for every day goods. Why does Michael Bennet support job-killing tax hikes that put hardworking families and job creators at a disadvantage?”

The answer, because Biden told him to do it.