How low can President Biden’s approval rating go?

KDVR’s Matt Mauro recently took a look at a Civiqs survey on Biden’s approval rating in Colorado, and it isn’t pretty for Democrats.

According to the Civiqs tracking poll 50% of Colorado voters disapprove of Biden’s job performance, with just 42% approving.

But the real stunner is among Colorado’s Unaffiliated voters, where Biden is 30 POINTS underwater.

This is a group Biden overwhelmingly carried in the state less than a year ago, and crucial to the success of any statewide campaign or competitive congressional race.

A national Pew survey released Thursday echoed many of these same trends with majorities of those surveyed “having little or no confidence in Biden’s handling of foreign policy, military action, immigration and bringing the country together.”

Polls are just a snapshot in time but you would be hard pressed to find anyone in Colorado who thought six months ago that it could get this bad for Democrats this quickly.