Democrats are trying to blackmail Republicans into supporting their effort to suspend the debt ceiling for more than a year so they can spend trillions of dollars to create a new generation of social and climate welfare dependants.

Senate Dems tied the debt limit suspension to their favorite weapon used to pummel the Republicans almost every single year — a continuing resolution to avoid a government shutdown when the fiscal year ends on Friday.

Keep in mind, the Democrats are in control of the House, Senate, and White House.

There was no reason except for political thuggery to tie Monday’s vote on a government shutdown to their irresponsible plan to suspend the debt limit and borrow beaucoup bucks for their $3.5 trillion porkapalooza.

To the Republican Party’s credit, their ranks held tight and they refused to give Democrats a single vote. It failed on a 50-48 vote with one Republican and one Democrat absent. 

If President Biden and his buddies want to bankrupt this country, they will do it without a single Republican vote and take complete responsibility, GOP leaders decided. 

So of course the Democrats immediately blamed Republicans anyway, and their friends in the media will back them up.


U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet is blindly following orders to put this country on the path to bankruptcy in order to secure Biden’s presidency and his own reelection next year with these obscene social welfare programs.

The pork spending includes:

  • $25 million for anti-discrimination and bias training in the health care sector
  • $15 million for senior citizens who are underserved because of their gender identity or orientation
  • Amnesty for illegal immigrants
  • $3 billion for tree equity (planting trees in underserved cities or something)
  • $12 billion for electric cars that run on coal/electricity instead of gas
  • $1 billion to turn government facilities into green buildings with green roofs (ask Denver how that turned out for them)
  • $7.5 billion to create the Civilian Climate Corps to pay young people to preach doom and the end of the planet
  • $5 billion for environmental and climate justice grants to disadvantaged communities that would do justice and stuff
  • $79 billion for the IRS to conduct more audits and get even more money out of our wallets because climate costs a lot of money to change

U.S. Sen. John Hickenlooper did not broadcast or defend his vote, which was in lockstep with Democrats to erase the debt ceiling until December 2022.

Meanwhile, the Democrats who control Congress must now decide whether they want to put forward a continuing resolution (CR) that’s not tied to one of their evil plots in order to keep the government open past Friday.

Because Republicans, rightfully so, are bucking anything but a clean CR.