Colorado House Democrats voted Wednesday to suspend the debt ceiling for more than a year insisting the federal government can’t pay the bills already racked up and has to borrow more money.

They’re mad at Republicans for refusing to support them, while at the same time Democrats are also insisting they need yet another credit card to add $5 trillion in new charges.

DeGette’s attitude is exactly what’s wrong with the establishment Democrats and their progressive buddies now running the country. 

They are staring straight into a default because the government can’t even afford the  wild debt it has accumulated.

And yet they don’t see any problem adding nearly $5 trillion to that debt by passing the infrastructure and social welfare “infrastructure” bills in the House on Thursday.

Also two years ago, McConnell and the Republicans didn’t want a year-long suspension in order to pass trillions in bizarre, wasteful spending that includes free college for illegal immigrants, $25 million for bias training, and $3 billion for “tree equity.” 

Republicans are right to hold fast and make the Democrats own this debt suspension. 

Stay tuned for Thursday’s votes on the new spending.