We’ve seen some shameless hit jobs slither out of the Colorado media mudscape over the years

But enough about Kyle Clark.

He’s got stiff competition now as the Democrat Party’s main media mudslinging minion from Joey Bunch at Colorado Politics.

Bunch followed the CNN playbook for how to crucify anyone linked to Donald Trump in an article this week about the forthcoming announcement of former Fort Collins City Councilman Gino Campana to challenge Democrat Michael Bennet for Colorado’s U.S. Senate seat.

Bunch was relentless with Chris Cuomo-style gotcha questions intended to tarnish Campana for being in the same political party as, gasp, former President Trump.

These questions are all the rage with the hatestream media these days — a more modern version of the old fashioned query: “Are you still beating your wife?”

There is no right answer to avoid implication as a wife beater, just as these Trump questions launched at Republican candidates are intended to implicate them as either Trump clones or Never Trumpers — the former to drive away moderate Republican voters, the latter to anger the conservative GOP base.

Either way the answers land, this line of questioning is intended to spoil the candidates’ chances at success. Also known as extreme prejudice, or bias.

Bunch didn’t beat around the bush. He acquired his target in the third paragraph by declaring Campana was “poised to claim the Trump mantle for next year’s primary.”

Translation: Campana is a strong contender to take on Bennet, a failed presidential candidate who is ranked as one of the most vulnerable Democrat senators seeking reelection next year.

So he must be destroyed.

Bunch actually complained that Campana wouldn’t engage in his childish game of pin the Trump tail on the elephant.

Honestly, in their rush to make Republicans sound like conspiracy theorists, reporters like Bunch are themselves starting to sound like a bunch of conspiracy kooks.

No joke, these are some the questions put forth to a legitimately strong candidate running for the U.S. Senate: 

Could Campana win the election if it’s a media-made “referendum on the bombastic former president?”

Will he visit Trump at his Florida resort?

Was the election stolen?

Is Biden a legitimate president?

Then Bunch pivots back to the wife beating theory and tries to box Campana into the Mitch McConnell-loving box with Trump’s nemesis. 

Way down at the bottom of the story, Bunch finally gets around to informing readers about Campana’s business, political and educational background.

And in the very last paragraph of his hit piece, Bunch allows this quote from Campana as to what he would do differently than Bennet:

“I can basically boil down to five things: Can we lower the taxes? We reform out-of-control regulations. We need to improve our infrastructure, while protecting our environment. We save neighborhoods, our families and our workforce. And when you make sure people are getting a good education, it’s the right education for our workforce.”

Shame on Bunch for feeding into this conspiratorial claptrap.