Gino Campana officially launched his campaign Monday to win the Republican nomination and take on Democrat U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet in next year’s election.

In a compelling biographical video, the businessman and former Fort Collins city council member offered a stark contrast between himself and Bennet, who has become a Washington insider chasing failed dreams for the White House.

Liberals like Bennet are turning the American dream into a socialist nightmare and tearing down this country brick by brick, Campana said.

“Joe Biden, Michael Bennett, and the one party democratic rule threaten that American dream. Brick by brick, they’re tearing down what makes our nation great. The only thing Michael Bennett puts his name on, is Joe Biden’s disastrous policies,” Campana said.

The only things Bennet and the Democrat Party know how to build are mountains of debt, government run health care that remains unaffordable, sky-high inflation, and government control over our lives.

And the only thing Biden has built back better is the Taliban.

Campana has a strong story to tell about his father’s immigration to America at the age of 14 with the help of a U.S. soldier after WWII.

That’s how Campana says he learned about the American dream — by watching his father pull up his own bootstraps to become a skilled stone mason and builder. You can read more about Campana’s background and campaign by following this link to his website.

Bennet doesn’t understand the American dream, so how can he defend it?

This is promising to be a very lively campaign. Also running for the GOP nomination are Olympian and former El Paso County GOP chair Eli Bremer; Army veteran Juli Henry, businessman Peter Yu, state Sen. Ron Hanks of Canyon City, and Army veteran Erik Aadland.