Ballots for the November election will start hitting mailboxes across Colorado next week.

Perfect timing for parents who are sick and tired of their sneering public school officials to exact their revenge and vote them out of office.

As radio host Jimmy Sengenberger writes in his latest column: 

Now more than ever, Coloradans must unite to protect students, improve quality education and push back against overzealous and condescending school boards. Sadly, it’s clear school boards and education officials are tone deaf. They don’t really care — and they’re getting even more brazen as pushback grows.

Whether it’s forcing masks onto toddlers and school children to appease frightened, liberal parents, or teaching black and brown children they are doomed to failure because of whitey, it’s clearly time for some education officials to retire.

Parents, or as Biden’s FBI refers to them, domestic terrorists, have every right to wield their First Amendment rights at school board meetings and express their displeasure, sometimes loudly, with educators trying to indoctrinate their children with radical ideologies.

Most importantly, this is our chance to reset the balance of power to one which respects the major stakeholders school districts serve: students and parents. Their palpable frustrations must be effectively channeled to asking the tough questions, voting for real change and demanding basic respect.

You can read the rest of his column here.

While voters are zeroing in on their school boards, they should also note that every Republican in Colorado’s congressional delegation has spoken out against the FBI’s new directive to intimidate investigate parents allegedly harassing or threatening school officials.

By comparison, not a single Democrat from U.S. Sen. Michael Bennet on down has had a word to say about President Biden’s outrageous abuses of power and now this crackdown on parenting.

No local public official should be threatened with bodily harm, and anyone who does so should expect to be investigated, and probably arrested.

But this is the job of the local police, not federal law enforcement officers who should already be overworked handling major crimes that cross state lines. 

So pull out those ballots next week, and cast your vote for parents.